Total by Verizon Is Changing the Wireless Landscape: Must-Know Details

What happens when your mobile signals suddenly disappear in the middle of your favorite game, movie, or video call? No doubt you become frustrated. Right? Also, this frustration becomes the reason for headaches most of the time, especially during office meetings. Well, you're not alone! But fear not because Total by Verizon is here to change the game and make your wireless experience better than ever before!

But before discussing it in detail, let's suppose you're chatting with your friends or watching your favorite web series, and suddenly, networks get poof! This is where Total by verizon comes into focus. Also, Total Wireless is now total by verizon; previously, it was just called “Total Wireless”. But now you’re facing everything like a complex puzzle. Right?

You may wonder —

  • What is “Total by Verizon,” and why is everyone buzzing about it?
  • Why does it count as the best choice for changing the wireless landscape?
  • What are the perks it offers?
  • And more…

Total by Verizon might sound like something out of a superhero comic, but it's real and revolutionizing the world of wireless communication right before our eyes.

So, keep reading because we're about to uncover all the must-know details that make Total by Verizon so popular! Let’s begin.

What is Meant by Total by Verizon?

There are basically 3 top carriers in the USA, but Verizon is the number 1 on the list. Total by Verizon is a new brand launched by Verizon. Total by Verizon uses Verizon's super-fast 5G network and offers plans without any contracts, starting at only $30 monthly. The monthly plan includes unlimited data plans of total by verizon that allow nationwide talk & text. This prepaid wireless service requires no contract, hidden fees, or credit check. Consumers need to pay as they go each month.

Total by Verizon is changing how people use their mobile, especially for those who pay in advance. These consumers surely get some really cool stuff with their Total by Verizon plans. First off, TBV has a super-fast network called 5G Ultra Wideband1 that covers a lot of areas. And guess what?

Consumers will get unlimited talking, texting, and internet data!
But wait, there's more!

Total by Verizon's best deals allow users to watch many awesome movies and shows on Disney+ for free with some specific plans! And the best part? TVB will be available at over 50,000 retail locations. Generally, TBV meets consumers’ need for speed and connectivity with various monthly service options or plans.

Why Total by Verizon?

  • With TBV 5G plans, consumers can keep tabs on what’s happening with their social circle and loved ones and stay up to date at work.
  • It doesn’t matter where the consumer is. They can remain connected to social media and other platforms that make their life simpler as well as more convenient.
  • Consumers can enjoy mobile hotspots without paying any cost with Total by Verizon 5G plans, and the same is true for international calling to Canada and Mexico.
  • When a consumer wants to get everything done correctly in their life without skipping a single beat, TBV offers useful digital tools, convenience, and freedom.

Also, you can go with the latest collection of 5G phones and digital devices to boost your digital presence. Also, if you don’t want to change your old phone, you have a second option, which is to keep your own phone and access your new Total by Verizon 5G prepaid wireless service plan. You can enjoy both TBV plans starting at just $30 and TBV premium perks such as Disney+ on the $60 plan with the same.

Begin Your Adventurous Journey with TBV

Whether you get a new phone or want to use your old one – TBV has several different plans. And the great part? You'll get to use TBV's super-fast 5G network! Plus, you'll save more money for all your exciting adventures in life. But if you decide to keep your old phone, you need to follow a few simple steps to get started. Here they are:

6 Easy Steps to Follow

  • Visit and Select ACTIVATE.
  • Enter your phone’s IMEI/MEID serial number into the text field when prompted.
  • Enter the number (SIM card).
  • Choose the no-contract prepaid wireless service plan.
  • Complete the whole setup.

Different Ways to Earn More Rewards

The story doesn’t stop here! There are several other ways you can easily get rewards. Some of them are mentioned below. Also, you can earn reward points by joining the Total Rewards program. These points can be spent on free plans, extra high-speed data, and other special benefits.

Here's How the Refer a Friend Program Works

You must invite your friends to switch TBV and become part of our rewards program.

1. Refer a Friend: Invite your friend to switch to Total by Verizon and join the rewards program. After every joining, you'll get enough points for a free $50 plan! Additional points are needed for higher-priced TBV plans. Remember that the reward points you earn after referring a friend won't be ready to use immediately – you'll have to wait 60 days.

2. Earn Points Automatically: Each time when you renew your 5G prepaid wireless service plan, you'll automatically earn points. It's so easy! Isn’t it?

3. Play Games & Share for Bonuses: You only need to have fun by playing games, watching short videos, and sharing on social media every month. You'll earn even more reward points this way!

4. Redeem for rewards: Get free service, add-ons for high-speed data, and many other amazing things.

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As we wrap up our journey through the world of Total by Verizon, it's clear that choosing TBV will be the best option. It is really playing a vital role in changing the wireless landscape. If some of the other questions hop into your mind, getting expert help can be the best choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Total by Verizon revolutionizing the wireless landscape?

Total by Verizon is revolutionizing wireless communication by offering affordable TBV plans, best coverage, and multiple benefits like free Disney+ subscriptions (Specific plans). And with Total by Verizon, staying connected has been easier or more rewarding. 

2. How can TBV enhance my cell phone experience?

No matter where you are, Total by Verizon makes sure you're always connected. Total by Verizon makes connecting easy and hassle-free, with features like free hotspots, international calling to Canada and Mexico, and a variety of digital tools for convenience and productivity.

3. How can I boost my knowledge about TBV and its offerings?

Connect with pros like AntGen to learn more about Total by Verizon, its plans, and its benefits. And, if you want to launch your Total by Verizon store, AntGen can provide proper guidance to unlock the full potential of Total by Verizon.

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