Tips & Tricks to Create Poll to Drive Traffic in Store

Creating polls can generate engagement with customers and give businesses insights into their preferences, leading to tailored promotions and a better in-store experience, ultimately driving traffic to the store.

1.      Define the objective: Do you want to drive foot traffic to your store, increase product awareness, or reward existing customers?

2.      Choose a relevant topic: You could ask about customer experiences or preferences, ideas for new products, or their favorite store features.

3.      Keep it concise: Keep your poll short and sweet with no more than five or six questions. Ensure that your questions are easy to answer and understand.

4.      Promote the poll: Share the poll on social media platforms. Encourage respondents to invite friends and family to participate.

5.      Offer an incentive: Consider offering a discount or special offer to those who take the poll. for example, "Respond to our poll and receive 10% off your next purchase over $50."

6.      Share the results: Share the results of the poll with followers to build engagement and excitement.

7.      Follow up: Thank participants with a follow-up email that includes the discount or reward you promised them.

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