More than Just Talk and Text: The Hidden Gems in Total by Verizon Plans

Who doesn't want something additional in life? Whether it's an extra chocolate in a shake or some bonus perks with a Total by Verizon wireless plan, the desire for something extra is universal.

But getting them may be challenging because they are hidden & people like us are unaware of them. But after reading this blog, you will surely come out from the usual routine of conversations and sending simple messages with a wireless plan. You'll know about what you're missing more to get within it.

Does that sound interesting, as well as exciting?
Obviously yes!

So, have you ever found yourself stuck in the never-ending loop of talk and text, yearning for a more exciting and fulfilling experience in the Total Wireless Service Plan? If yes, you're not alone.

But what if we told you that within your Total by Verizon plan lies a world of hidden gems, you're unaware of? Yes, you read it right!

We'll lift the veil on the well-kept secrets about the exciting features of every Total by Verizon plan! And we'll list them below. So, keep reading!

8 Perks Packed into Each Total by Verizon Plan

1. Unlimited Plans: Break Free from the Constraints

As we all know, the Total by Verizon plan offers unlimited plans. It is a significant benefit for users looking for more flexibility. With these plans, they can save more on their wireless costs and benefit from unlimited talk and text. The great part?

This all comes at a cost that is affordable but worth boasting about. So, when you choose unlimited data plans of total by Verizon, you're breaking free from the constraints that might have held you back from other providers, ushering in a new era of limitless communication and savings.

2. Verizon 5G: Explore the Future of Connectivity

Nowadays, staying ahead in the tech era is essential. Therefore, you can use the second key feature, i.e., Verizon 5G. In the Total by Verizon plan, this perk is also integrated; you can easily grant access to Verizon's 5G network; the significant part is it comes at no extra cost.

Note: The terms are pretty simple: in order to get the benefits of 5G, all you require is a 5G-capable device in an area with a 5G network.

Total wireless is now total by verizon & with the TBV 5G feature, you’re not just exploring the future of connectivity but actively participating in a wireless revolution that propels you into a realm of limitless potential and unparalleled speed.

3. No Contracts: Embrace Freedom and Flexibility

The third remarkable feature is “No Contracts”. It is basically for providing a hassle-free and commitment-free mobile experience. Long-term commitments, credit checks, and hidden fees – who needs them? Total by Verizon believes in providing a straightforward and transparent experience. Therefore, no contracts simply mean no long-term commitments, no bothersome credit checks, and no hidden fees to worry about.

4. Hotspot Enabled: Stay Connected!

The “Hotspot Enabled” feature allows you to keep your other devices connected. This means you can quickly turn your mobile into a hotspot, anywhere and anytime, just by sharing your internet connection. It ensures that all your devices stay connected seamlessly.

“It's like having your own Wi-Fi hub with you.”

Note: Don’t forget that the “Hotspot Enabled” feature is only available on 4G LTE and 5G compatible devices.

So, why not enjoy the benefits of this feature?

Try it now! Now, the time has arrived to experience the joy of keeping all your devices easily connected wherever & whenever you need.

5. International Calling: Connect Globally with Ease

We can’t consider distance as a barrier. Therefore, this feature matters! With the help of this International Calling feature incorporated in every Verizon plan, you can enjoy the flexibility of unlimited calling and texting to Canada and Mexico without worrying about which plan you have chosen.

This point reflects that you can easily stay in touch with your family, friends, or business contacts internationally without worrying about exceeding limits or incurring extra charges. Undoubtedly, this perk enhances the communication experience and brings people closer, regardless of geographical distance.

Note: Yes, it is true that it offers an unlimited calling & texting benefit. However, it is vital to remember that these calls without limits are accessible for up to 21 distinct international landline numbers in Canada and Mexico. But keep in mind that these allowances reset each time you redeem a new plan.

Additionally, calls must originate from the US or Puerto Rico to enjoy these unlimited benefits. This feature is designed only for personal use, and international roaming is not permitted.

6. Room to Roam: Seamless International Roaming

Communication in the roaming leads to extra charges! Right? But with the help of this feature, you can stay connected through international roaming (Locations: Canada and Mexico) without spending a single extra penny. The communication remains extra seamless and uninterrupted no matter if you are traveling across borders.

Note: The “Room to Roam” feature extends beyond just talking and texting – it contains unlimited calls and messages to the US, Mexico, and Canada. You’ll also get the additional advantage of Unlimited Data during your travels in these countries. And the main point is that the actual availability, coverage, and speed may vary.

7. Earn Rewards: Loyalty Rewarded

You only need to join the free Total Rewards program if you want to earn extra points to get discounts on future purchases. Sound interesting? Your answer will undoubtedly be yes!

But wait, this is not enough; you can even unlock the possibility of enjoying free services, adding an extra layer of value to your overall experience. Yes, it’s true! It’ll give you more reasons to smile & make your plan purchase worth it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Boost your Total by Verizon experience by joining the Total Rewards program.

8. Bring Your Phone: Stay With What You Love

If your phone is suitable, bring it when you switch to Total by Verizon. We believe in the freedom to select, ensuring your device is a seamless part of your wireless journey. This advanced feature, “Bring your Phone,” offers a hassle-free transition – no need to adapt to a new device if you're feeling perfect with the one you currently have.

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